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University Awards

Since February 2017, Trampoline has been one of ten sports at the University holding Full Blue status. This means that by meeting certain criteria in University competitions and against Oxford in the annual Varsity match, one may be awarded either a Full of Half Blue.

Full Blue
Full Blues are awarded to those who compete in the A team at Varsity and achieve a score of 50.0 or higher at BUCS 2, 1 or Elite.

As of 2017, both Men and Women are eligible for the award. Women can also fulfill the score requirement (50.0) at SUTL 2, 1 or Elite.

Half Blue
Half Blues are awarded to Women who compete in the A or B teams at Varsity and score 47.0 or higher at BUCS 3 or above or at SUTL 3 or above.

Men are awarded Half Blues by competing in the Varsity A team and scoring 48.0 or higher at BUCS 3 or above.

University Colours
Generally, anyone else who has done very well in competition but not well enough for a Half Blue will get Universtiy Colours.

Club Colours
Club Colours can be awarded for any services to the club. These may include bouncing well at competitions other than BUCS and Varsity, bouncing in the reserves team at Varsity, outstanding services to the club, etc.

Lottie Pocock Award

This award is designed to recognise particularly outstanding services to the club. Recipients of this award have gone substantially above and beyond their call of duty in serving the club. A person may only receive this award once and the award is limited to one per year, and may not be awarded in a year where no one is considered sufficiently deserving.